Muchas Gracias!

Cookie & I are so incredibly touched by all the thanks and positive feedback we are receiving. It really really makes us so so happy. And we could not have done it without the vast team of people supporting us. We need to say huge thank yous in return.

To the sponsors Ysolda, Knitting Mag, Purlescence & The Knitting Hut, to ALL the vendors, may of whom traveled a long way in all senses of the word to be there with us, who put together beautiful stalls and who gave the marketplace such a great friendly vibe.

To Nancy, Beth, Janel, Chrissy, Shirley, JC, Merike, Judith, Marjan, Anne & Clara - who had grace and good humour and boundless enthusiasm and energy despite the jet lag!

To the incredible Imperial College coordinators, and very importantly to our incredible Knit Nation Crew (have we said how much we love them? We LOVE you!!! Kerri, Emily, Nora, Sandy, Mel H, Dee, Meljay, Jaq, Kate Q, Kate W, Ling, Tricia, Hattie, Judith, Tina, Carole, Marja, my long suffering hubby David, Luke, Paul, Jen F, Ali, Julie, Barb, Emma, Clare, Melissa, Chantelle, Koki & Ed!).

These wonderful peeps all deserve a standing ovation for all their stellar work.

And of course, to all the Knit Nationals who came and joined the party - a big ol’ pat on the back cause you made Knit Nation ROCK! Huzzah!


Cookie & Alice