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Knit Nation About Us
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We have a great team behind Knit Nation, without whom we would be lost. First and foremost there is Cookie A (of the Monkey socks), who is our Fearless Leader in the US, and Alice Yu of Socktopus, and FL-UK.

John Ramskill created our awesome logo and all our ads which you may have seen on Ravelry, in Knitting Magazine, Interweave and Twist Collective.

Marja Lindstrom took over from Emilie and keeps us on the straight and narrow, keeping things running and organised.

Dee Desai-Tagg set up our website and is our IT guru.

You can follow Knit Nation doings on the website, our Ravelry group, on Twitter, and on Facebook, and Alice & Cookie’s doings via Cookie’s blog & Alice’s blog.